Our Homes

Creative Care homes provide support for people with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, a learning disability and additional severe and complex needs, whilst also offering opportunities to learn new skills, become more independent and try new things.

Each of our Homes has been carefully designed to meet the needs of everyone who lives there, and we make further changes as people’s needs change or new people move in. All of our Homes provide a low arousal environment with the addition of “chill-out” and Snoezelen (Sensory) rooms.

All Creative Care Homes are individual, extremely spacious internally and provide the external space required by those whose needs are challenging and complex.

All Creative Care Homes are committed to using a Person Centred Planning approach, regardless of the degree of disability or “challenge” faced by our service users. A fundamental shift in thinking and working practices from one of “power over” to a “power with” relationship puts the people we support at the heart of all we do.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that whatever planning, processes or initiatives are introduced, they take account of the fact that each and every one of our service users has the absolute right to live the life they want, in the environment of their choice.