John's Story

For the sake of confidentiality this is not the service user’s real name.

Date of Admission to Creative Care: November 2011


“John” came to Creative Care as an emergency placement, due to a breakdown in the family home. The alternative to a Creative Care placement was “John” being sectioned under the Mental Health Act. “John” lived at home with mum and sister and also received weekly respite care. His special school placement was terminated early due to aggressive behaviour towards his peers and staff and it was deemed that he wasn't benefiting from attending.

“John's sister also has autism and the family home was segregated – “John” had the use of one side and sister the other “John” targeted his mum and took his frustrations out on her. Dad was unable to live at the family home due to “John’s dominance and also “John” does not like open windows and doors, or the sound of fire alarms - these are known triggers for his behaviour “John” did not experience a lot in his life due to mum being unable to take him out in public, “John” does not like small children; he will target them.

Achievements since being placed with Creative Care:

A dramatic change in “John's” quality of life. He went on his first holiday to Wales and experienced the sea which he was excited about, he also went on a fairground ride and enjoyed a meal out in a restaurants.“John” now enjoys being busy, enjoying activities like sensory pools, swimming, pub trips, cycling and cinema.

Improvement in Tolerance and life skills

An improvement in his tolerance of small children is growing; he will now tell staff when he is ready to leave an area by saying “go now”. Previous to this he would have exhibited aggressive responses.“John” now involves himself in doing chores around his home - hoovering or tidying his room and helping to prepare meals“John” is now more settled, with a significant decrease in frequency of episodes of extreme behaviour. “John” will now have windows and doors open as long as staff give him a time to close them. He now sees this as his job.“John” can now go for periods without showing signs of aggression. He becomes more anxious now around new things; his staff team recognise these signs and act to alleviate his anxieties.


  • A greater level of independence within his home environment
  • Developed the ability to choose what he wants to do in terms of daily activities
  • With his support team, now accesses his local community; and much further afield; with less anxiety, thus allowing more positive and meaningful interactions.
  • Development of coping strategies in areas that would previously have resulted in episodes of extreme behaviour.
  • Interacts with his peers, members of the public and staff on an appropriate level.
  • Has developed a very good relationship with his mum, and has regular contact.