Philosophy and Ethos

The fundamental principle that underpins everything we do is a Positive Behavioural Management approach to care planning. Positive reinforcement, praise and more positive reinforcement are the ingredients we feel are essential in creating a recipe for successfully managing behaviour. We understand that the people we accommodate will present with behaviours which can be difficult to manage. Nevertheless at Creative Care we believe in building on people's strengths and providing incentives to ensure our energies and the energies of our service users are channelled and focused on the positive aspects of their behaviour as opposed to being trapped within a cycle of problem solving. Our many successes in adopting this approach are well documented.

At Creative Care we believe that our service users are individuals and as such all packages of care are tailored specifically around the needs of each person to meet their current and future needs. We fully support O`Brien`s five service accomplishments and these are a guiding principal for our staff, ensuring the people with whom we work experience the vital aspects of life:

  • Community presence: the right to take part in community life and spend leisure time with other members of the community
  • Relationships: the right to experience valued relationships with non-disabled people
  • Choice: the right to make choices, both large and small
  • Competence: the right to learn new skills and participate in meaningful activities with whatever assistance is required
  • Respect: the right to be valued and not treated as a second class citizen


In addition to these five service accomplishments, we are always aware of challenges that may be presented and these are evaluated and managed by in-depth Risk Assessments and Risk Management Plans.